HEART Business Journal for Women® is what so many women in business have been looking for: a collection of dynamic resources, inspirational content, passionate stories, and relevant advice. Our unique editorial approach and rich journal exercises have professional women and men reading, writing, and talking.

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"I wanted to let you know that I received the Heart Journal with my profile - thank you so much! You did a great job with the article and I felt privileged to be among so many outstanding women. Congratulations on an inspiring magazine - beautiful in content and form."
Carla Kearns
Managing Director, TLI - The Mandarin School in Toronto

"Just returned [from a book tour in Europe] this weekend. One of the joys waiting for me was your lovely magazine. WOW. You folks have done a great job. Please offer my congratulations to Brenda as well. You did a fine job of our interview. Thanks so much."
Tanis Helliwell
Founder, International Institute for Transformation

"Thank you for the copy of Heart. It is wonderful. You have all done a beautiful job! I am sure many women will find great value."
Maria Gonzalez
Founder & President, Argonauta Strategic Alliances Consulting Inc.

“Congratulations on a very appealing, colourful, and interesting journal. My three assistants, along with myself, have read it and find it “classy”! While geared to women, I believe men will also read issues of HEART Business Journal for Women. The cover is colourful and catches the eye, and the cover features would appeal to both genders, business professionals, and assistants of all ages.”

Rick Found

CFP, Assante Wealth Management

"I read my copy cover to cover this weekend. That is the first magazine, in my life, that I actually read every word on every page. I learned something on each page that was totally relevant to my life, both professional and personal. I loved it! It is an outstanding! I can’t wait for the next one, but I have no idea how you will top the first issue. I will spread the word best I can. Every woman in business should be reading HEART."

Erin Craven
General Manager, Graceway Pharmaceuticals

"I got the mag yesterday and it is truly amazing...I am blown away! The writing is
amazing. I can't put it down."

Pina Sciarra
VP Marketing, Strategy, and Innovation, Coca-Cola Canada

"Many thanks for sharing your copy of “Heart” magazine with me – my quick look said I had to go and find my own copy! I congratulate all of you for a great publication."

Donna Messer
President, ConnectUS Communications Canada

"Heart Business Journal is exciting news for business women. It is a sympathizing reward for all of us women that work hard on a daily basis."

Christine Tost

"Heart Business Journal is a wonderful idea. It is helping to provide business women with the resources we need and the recognition we deserve."

Alisa Civiero
University student

“Women wear many hats – HEART Business Journal for Women® connects the thousands of interesting minds that wear them.”

Nancy Peterson
Founder & President, Homestars.ca

“In today’s world, where women are increasingly playing a key role in the decision making, both at home and at work, it’s great to see HEART bring this community of like-minded women together.”

Elaine Dundon
Author, The Seeds of Innovation
Consultant and speaker, The Innovation Group

“I think the concept of HEART is very appealing for all women blazing their trail in the business world.  We face many of the same challenges, accomplishments and barriers as we build our careers.  To have a business journal focused purely on these areas will be a treat to sit down with a glass of wine and enjoy.”

Erin Craven
General Manager, Graceway Pharmaceuticals, LLC

“Men have always put a priority on networking - women need magazines like HEART to keep them informed and connected. Congratulations on this new venture.”

Chrissie Rejman
Producer, Cityline/CHUM TV

“Finally a magazine for savvy business women! A fantastic concept for a magazine that has relevance in today’s business community. I can’t wait to subscribe.”

Tina Kalopisis
Marketing Manager, 3M Canada

“What would it be like if people worked using their hearts and not their egos? Business with soul – now that’s progress!”

Angela Rutherford
Professional Educator

“Great to see a woman’s magazine that is concerned more about a woman’s personal and business successes, then one that is concerned with what lip gloss goes with what nail polish. Bravo!”

Cary Auwaerter
Curtis Insurance Ltd.
B.A., C.I.P., R.I.B.O.

"Can't wait to read the first issue! Those who read the magazine will benefit from the wisdom and diversity of the contributing authors. Thank you for this new spin on women's magazines!"

Melissa Bales

"HEART Business Journal for Women® is a terrific resource for women in business."

Jessica Wong

Co-Owner Domistyle Gifts Inc.

"I'm so excited to be a part of this project. This concept is long overdue in our market."

Tanis Helliwell

Founder, International Institute for Transformation
Author, Take Your Soul to Work


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