The following experts provide heartfelt advice, answering readers’ questions in print and online. Several experts are also contributing columnists and writers.

If you would like to become a contributor please email us at:

Tanis Helliwell
Author, Organizational Consultant, Keynote Speaker and Workshop Leader

Tanis Helliwell is the founder of the International Institute for Transformation whose mission is to assist people to live and work with meaning and purpose. As an organizational consultant, keynote speaker and workshop leader, she has worked globally to help individuals and organizations to develop their potential. Her corporate clients include IBM, CBC, The Banff Centre for Leadership, The World Future Society in Washington D.C., David Suzuki Foundation, World Business Academy, Enmax, University of Calgary, City of Medicine Hat.

Author of the best selling book Take Your Soul to Work, in addition to Summer with the Leprechauns, Decoding Destiny, Embraced by Love and soon to be published Pilgrimage with the Leprechauns, she has led tours and walking pilgrimages to sacred sites for over 20 years.

A dynamic speaker, she is often a guest on national TV and radio. Articles by and about her have appeared in The Globe and Mail, Financial Post, Calgary Herald, Vancouver Sun, Training and Development Journal, Macleans and Cosmopolitan.

To introduce Tanis, our Personal Development columnist, to our readers, we have included her profile in the premiere issue. For excerpts from this inspirational interview, please click here!


Dr. Susan Biali
MD, Bsc.

Dr. Susan Biali earned her Doctorate of Medicine at the University of British Columbia, in her hometown of Vancouver, Canada, where she placed among the top students in the Faculty of Medicine.  She also has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Dietetics (Nutrition), and was awarded the University of British Columbia Medal for her outstanding performance in that field.

She has written for and provided expert commentary to a wide variety of magazines, including Fitness, Hello!, Chatelaine, Today’s Parent, Saturday Night, and Wellness Options.  She  also provides regular advice to Canada’s health professionals through various columns and publications. Dr. Biali is a health expert for, the Province of Ontario’s public health education website, and has appeared in television and film.

Pat Mussieux
President of Purple People Leaders, dynamic speaker, leadership coach, facilitator, author and volunteer.

In the past 25 years, Pat has been a motivational/inspirational keynote speaker at International, National and Provincial Conferences. In addition, Pat has delivered keynote and training sessions to well over 10,000 people in the past decade.
Pat’s presentations are lively, relevant, appealing and interactive. Her dynamic speaking style has given her top ratings each time. Her topics range from Personal Accountability and Responsibility (“If its to be, It’s Up to Me!”), Goal-Setting, Leadership, Marketing and Sales, Team-Building, Motivation, and Inspiration.

Pat is passionate about “giving back” to the community. She was a member of the Board of Directors for the Alberta Call Center Association, the Alberta Alzheimer Society and the Alzheimer Society of Canada.
Pat has her own business, “Purple People Leaders”, and specializes in Motivational Speaking, Coaching and HR Recruiting/consulting.

She is the author of “Who Am I Now? – Simple Steps to Invent your Future after Divorce, Death of a Partner, Empty Nest, Early Retirement, etc.” Pat is also a contributing author to the book “Leadership Gurus Speak Out” and “Where Am I Now? Pat’s Travel Adventures Around the World on a Private Plane”.

Kim MacGregor
Motivational Speaker, Co-Author with Arline Malakian, Be…a Woman: expressions of life

Kim MacGregor paid her university tuition with money earned through acting and modeling.  In the midst of a successful marketing career her first child was born with the life-threatening condition cystic fibrosis (CF).  Kim decided to work from home and combine her dream of writing with raising money for CF. She secured a book endorsement by Celine Dion, had a best seller, and helped raise over $125,000 for CF. “I feel lucky to live with great passion in my work and for my family,” she says.   Kim has co-authored an inspirational women’s book, Be…a Woman: expressions of life, which won a 2008 Independent Book Publishing Award. The book is available at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores, Chapters, Hillcrest Valenova Wellness Spa, exclusive salons, and online.
“I am inspired by a smile, a hug and understanding – by the complexities we create and the simplicities we discover along the journey of life.” She lives with her husband and three little girls, Madison, and twins Ava and Elle, in Toronto.

Susan Sly
Speaker, Trainer, and Entrepreneur

Susan Sly is a speaker, trainer, and entrepreneur. She is the author of the highly acclaimed book – The Have It All Woman which is endorsed by Jack Canfield from Chicken Soup for the Soul and Dr. John Gray author of Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, and the founder of the Have It All Woman’s Weekend. Susan is the loving wife to her partner Chris and mother to her three amazing children Avery, A.J. and Sarai. Susan lives in South Eastern Ontario.

Linda Edgecombe
BPE. Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Humorist,
"Life Perspective and Accountability Expert"

Linda Edgecombe is an internationally renowned, award-winning humorous speaker, trainer, and consultant. She is a bestselling author who energizes every room as she leads people to loosen up, lighten the load, and laugh. She prides herself in being a Mother of Two and Wife of One. Her audiences and readers are motivated and have shown how they can shift their perspectives on life, work, and themselves. Change has never been this painless!

As a professional with a degree in Physical Education, Linda brings 25+ years of Recreation, Employee Wellness, Lifestyle, and Corporate Consulting experience to her programs, publications, and her clients. She was a consultant for PARTICIPACTION promoting healthy living to Canadians and is known for being one of the country’s most popular speakers. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal as an expert in "Shifting Perspectives."

Inside all the laughter, Linda's audiences are inspired to find the meaning in what they do and let go of what's not working. Her message is as welcomed as a deep belly laugh and as profound as an honest look in the mirror.


Gail White
Financial Security Advisor

Gail is a financial advisor and has had more than 30 years financial service experience. She enjoys working with people and helping them achieve their financial security goals and dreams. Gail also looks upon new challenges with confidence and always places her client’s best interest first.

Bettina Burgess

Bettina Burgess is a lawyer with Waterloo Regional office of Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP where she practises Employment Law. Bettina's practise is focused in the areas of wrongful dismissal, employment standards compliance, and Human Rights issues. Bettina provides prompt and practical advice to management side clients and executive level employees.

In 2003, Bettina, along with several of her female colleagues, founded the women's networking group called emPOWERed by Gowlings which hosts female oriented networking and educational opportunities for professional women in the Waterloo Region. Bettina is committed to promoting and facilitating the empowerment and success of women in all aspect of their lives.

Aside from running her busy practise, Bettina is the mother of two children ages 4 and 2.

Maureen Tazzioli
Inspiring Professional Speaker, Trainer, Writer, Poet, and Expert in Being Human...Living Real®

Maureen Tazzioli is the owner of ReZultsMatter, a personal development and professional excellence business, since 2001. With an intense focus on values, integrity, respect, and professionalism, ReZultsMatter is slowly changing the way communities, individuals, businesses, and organizations work together to overcome obstacles. For more information on how their customized training programs and keynote presentations can benefit you and your organization go to: or email Maureen directly at:

Esther Bartkiw
Core Belief Engineering Psychotherapist
Motivational Speaker
Nutritional-Cleansing Coach and Author

When Esther Bartkiw speaks she is stirring. When she writes she is thought provoking. When Esther works with clients during private therapy sessions, she facilitates change and guides them toward getting what they want out of life. Esther’s passion is to inspire and encourage you to be the best you can be; to achieve your goals and make your dreams a reality.
This former broadcast journalist and McGill University graduate is a Certified Associate Practitioner of Core Belief Engineering. Believing strongly in the mind/body connection Esther is also a nutritional-cleansing coach with a full time practice in Burlington, Ontario.
Esther discovered Core Belief Engineering during her own journey of healing. She became fascinated with the power of the mind and how beliefs shape our reality. The changes she experienced using this non-traditional form of psychotherapy were overwhelming and she instantly knew her purpose was to help others using this technique. 
Esther’s clients and peers credit her success to her ability to see beyond the content and get to the root of a problem. Her mission is to inspire and encourage, help you walk through fear, embrace change and unlock your potential.

Rebecca Liston
HD, DSHomMed

Dedicated Homeopathic Physician…Dynamic Speaker…Inspirational Teacher

Rebecca Liston has a passion for helping people to regain – and maintain – vibrant health. She looks beyond the disease or issue to identify and eliminate the root cause.

As a Homeopathic physician with a general family practice in London, Ontario, Rebecca has a special interest in women’s health care. She advocates a drug-free approach to breast and hormonal health.

Rebecca is a professor at the Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine’s London campus. She is a writer and accomplished speaker and can be seen each month on the A Channel’s morning show and heard on Radio Western CHRW 94.9FM’s weekly Holistic Health Hour.

For more information, contact Rebecca at 519.667.5100 or visit

Tristalyn Russell

Tristalyn Russell earned her Honors Bachelor of Arts in Media, Information, and Technoculture (MIT) and Certificate in Writing from the University of Western Ontario in 2007. An avid writer since childhood, she has progressed from published stories about kittens and hamburgers to writing articles about important issues such as rural stress, community involvement, and women in business. She continues to volunteer her copywriting skills and eye for detail to local organizations and enjoys the thrill of researching new topics. While currently pursing a career in municipal government, she still has keen interest in the ever-changing magazine industry. Tristalyn is honoured to be a part of HEART.

Dorothy Ratusny
M.A., (C), OACCP, PhD Candidate, Psychotherapist

Dorothy Ratusny is a Certified Psychotherapist in private practice in Toronto, Canada. She is the author of The Purpose of Love: A Guidebook for defining and cultivating your most significant relationship (Insomniac Press, September 2007) and Live Your Life’s Purpose: A Guidebook for Creating and Living a Purposeful Life (Insomniac Press, September 2008).

Specializing in Cognitive Therapy, Dorothy works with adolescents, adults and couples in her Toronto-based private practice. She facilitates personalized corporate training programs and speaks on a wide range of topics to various professional groups and organizations.

Dorothy has written feature articles for several national publications, including The Globe and Mail, Canadian Living, and FAZE teen. She has made numerous radio and television guest appearances including Host of the 13-week television documentary series, ‘Love Is Not Enough’ featured on the Life Network, and co-host of Womyn’s Word on CHRY 105.5 FM Radio in Toronto.

Sue Stone
Author, Happiness Coach
Sue Stone’s pure positive focused energy has infiltrated the lives of many with wonderful results both at home and in the workplace. She has a unique, remarkable and uplifting impact on the people she comes into contact with.  As a 'happiness coach' her clientele span from everyday people to celebrities and city high-fliers.

Grace Cirocco
Author, Speaker, Philosopher, Healer, Mentor

A celebrated entrepreneur, Grace Cirocco is the founder and President of Cirocco and Associates, a training company offering customized educational programs that generate intelligence and competence. She is a best-selling author of Take the Step, the Bridge Will Be There (HarperCollins 2001) and one of Canada's most gifted and sought-after inspirational speakers. Grace is a regular guest on national radio and television talk shows. She empowers and motivates people to make choices that support excellence, personal effectiveness, and wellness and to live a truly spirited life. She encourages us to live life authentically, passionately, and courageously. She inspires us to reach for the luminous places not only within ourselves, but in others. With her stories, personal anecdotes, and passionate delivery, she lights up a room and inspires people to take action.

Buy Grace Cirocco's new book Take The Step at

Mary Micaela Weber
Founder, Voice Empowerment

Spicy and funny, Mary Micaela Weber's got an eye for detail and a vision that can take you places. Trained on several continents, she speaks French, English, and German fluently. She has won scholarships internationally for voice and movement. Mary Micaela has even spent months in silence on Taoist/Buddhist meditation retreats. She has an unbridled passion for seeing you have a completely new experience of what is possible in your communications. Detailed diagnostics, and excellence in results define her company, Voice Empowerment. A full service facility, Voice Empowerment can take you from writing a speech, to delivering it, or consulting on the event concept. Services include: one-to-one private instruction, group training - Voice Empowerment Studios, or onsite, keynote speeches, workshops, and seminars.


Nancy Granger

Nancy Granger received her Law Degree from the University of Western Ontario in 1985.  She was called to the Ontario Bar in 1987.

Following her call to the Bar, Nancy practiced in Toronto, Ontario, for six years, with two major, national law firms.  Her practice was restricted to Labour Relations and Employment Law.  In 1993, Nancy moved to London, Ontario, where she practiced for 12 years with one of the largest law firms in the city.  Her practice was restricted to employment law matters, and she routinely advised both employers and employees on a variety of workplace-related legal issues.

In August, 2005 Nancy opened her own employment law practice.  She continues to provide practical legal advice to both employers (predominantly small and medium-sized firms) and employees.  With over 20 years’ employment law experience, Nancy helps her clients to resolve challenging legal issues in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Suzie Dingwall Williams
Suzie Dingwall Williams is a founding partner of Venture Law Associates LLP in Toronto. She represents Canadian and American entrepreneurs and businesses at all stages for growth, from formation to IPO and beyond.

Jeff Boris
Health Research Educator, Holistic Fitness Trainer

Drawing from 20 years experience as a holistic fitness trainer Jeff also serves as research educator to leading nutrition companies and health and fitness professionals. As former Chair of Professional Development for the Certified Professional Trainers Network (CPTN) and Education Coordinator for the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging his broad expertise is sought after by the media. An international presenter and author, he certifies personal trainers across North America and co-designed a course he teaches at University of Western Ontario.

Jeff has appeared monthly on CFCO’s “Ask the Health Expert” as well as the A-Channel, CH TV, Men’s TV and Fashion Television Network in “The Art of Building Bodies” and “Cosmetic Innovations” with the 9-Day Total Body Makeover of one of his clients. Living on purpose together as lifestyle and success coaches, Jeff’s shared mission with his wife Alissa to help families and individuals realize their true potential for co-creating health and a greater quality of life for all has helped transform the bodies and lives of over 1500 clients one person at a time!


For additional information or a free consultation Jeff may be contacted at (519) 245-7913 or

Actress, Singer, Comedienne

A former litigation lawyer, Tsufit left law for the limelight over 10 years ago, becoming an actress, singer, and comedienne. After her music CD, Under the Mediterranean Sky, made top album lists on radio internationally, Tsufit started being asked how she attracted so much attention. Next thing she knew she was coaching entrepreneurs to get noticed by the media and to perform like stars when speaking in public. Tsufit’s clients now include CEOs, brand managers, entrepreneurs-of-the-year, speakers, authors, and independent professionals.

Tsufit is also the author of
Step Into The Spotlight —‘Cause All Business is Show Business! a new business book that is getting rave reviews from industry experts like Tom Peters.

Tsufit is in demand as a keynote speaker, TV show guest, seminar leader and mom (although she is not currently taking on any new clients in the last category!).

Dr. John Lamont

John’s Clinical Practice in Women’s Health focuses on Ambulatory Gynaecology and Sexual Medicine. Through this combination, he has developed special expertise in Vulvar Diseases, Vulvodynia, Dyspareunia and Vaginismus.

As an educator John is active with the undergraduate and post-graduate medical students as well as post-professionals seeking supervision in sexual and couple therapy. Research is focused on vulvar diseases and vulvodynia. John speaks and publishes regularly on all aspects of sexual medicine.

Nicole Gourley
Vice President Client Services
GS1 Canada

Nicole Gourley is Senior Vice President, Business Development for GS1 Canada. Nicole began her career in human resource management. Her responsibilities included compensation analysis, recruitment and selection, employee development, as well as performance and culture management. Previously, Nicole worked for RBC Insurance in human resources. At GS1 Canada, Nicole has held various positions, most recently in operations and business development. Specifically, Nicole has been responsible for business development within Canada and across multiple industry sectors.

Nicole is also President of Darby Consulting Group. Darby Consulting Group assists companies of all sizes with Human Resource Management requirements ranging from performance management, compensation analysis & design, recruitment strategy, employee development and coaching.  

Nicole received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

Dr. Gwen Goodrow

Dr. Goodrow is an American Board-certified Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Specialist. She has her practice at the ISIS Regional Fertility Center in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Lori Teeple

Dr. Teeple is an associate professor and award winning teacher on the faculty of medicine at the Schulich School of medicine and dentistry at University of Western Ontario. She has been an emergency and family physician for over 20 years and has a particular interest in preventive medicine and health promotion. Dr. Teeple has written numerous educational resources for Canadian physicians and is currently the Chief of Medical Staff at St Thomas Elgin General Hospital.

Bettina Schnarr

Bettina Schnarr obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of British Columbia. She worked for a major bank for nine years and dealt with investments and loans, including mortgages. She has been an independent financial planner since 1994 and earned her Certified Financial Planner designation in 1999. She is Securities licensed in B.C., Alberta, and Ontario, and has her level 2 license in life insurance in B.C. Bettina believes in educating her clients so that they can make informed financial decisions and remain committed to reaching their goals.


AmyK Hutchens
Business & Life Consultant and Coach

Since 2000, AmyK Hutchens, Founder and CEO of AKI, Inc., has been increasing companies’ overall valuations. Her consulting expertise includes organizational infrastructure, leadership development, and executive coaching, among others. Over the last 17 years, Hutchens has held a number of executive positions, facilitated more than 600 presentations and training programs on leadership and sales, and been a featured guest on numerous TV and radio networks.
She holds a Master's of Science in education with an emphasis in brain research from Johns Hopkins University.

Kathline Holmes
CHRP, Founder of Gailforce Resources

Kathline Holmes, founder of Gailforce Resources, is an engaging and dynamic speaker who has a passion for people and a talent for aligning people and processes to business goals. Kathline is a CHRP with HR training from Cornell University; she volunteers on the BC HRMA Advisory Council for the Southern Interior Region; and she has many years experience in management, counseling, and training development and facilitation.

Kathline specializes in strategic human resources, assisting organizations to align their people practices with their business goals. She takes pride in providing up to date information to meet the human resources needs faced by business today.

Maryellen Polikoff
B.A, CIM Resources Investment Advisor
Leede Financial Markets

Maryellen Polikoff, B.A, CIM, is a full service investment advisor at Leede Financial Markets in Vancouver, BC, and she specializes in personalized advice on socially responsible investing. She has worked as an investment representative since 1998 and her services include: financial planning, cash management, and group RRSPs. She currently serves clients in BC and Alberta.


Lew Bayer
Founder of The COCC, President of the In Good Company Civility Experts Training Team

For the past ten years Lew Bayer, who is co-founder of The Civility Group Inc., has been nationally recognized as Canada’s leading expert on civility in the workplace.

Lew is Founder of The Center for Organizational Cultural Competence (COCC) and President of the In Good Company Civility Experts Training Team. She was chosen as a member of the Citizens Equity Committee, SITAR, and MEEPA. Lew is a six-time published author, national columnist, trained Intercultural Communications Facilitator, and renowned professional speaker. She has twice been nominated Manitoba Woman entrepreneur of the year.

Gail Bebee
President of The Ganneth Company, Author of No Hype – The Straight Goods on Investing Your Money

Gail Bebee is President of The Ganneth Company and the author of No Hype – The Straight Goods on Investing Your Money. Gail has mastered the finer points of investing through years of hands-on practice in the investment trenches and extensive personal study. Her academic background includes undergraduate studies in biology and a Master of Environmental Engineering. She is an honours graduate of the Canadian Securities Course.

After a successful career in regulatory affairs, Gail decided to help others to invest profitably by writing and self-publishing No Hype – The Straight Goods on Investing Your Money ( The book, which drew on her experience as an independent investor, covers all the investing basics for Canadians from the viewpoint of a savvy financial industry outsider. It’s the book she couldn’t find when she decided to take control of her money.

Gail is a popular personal finance speaker and media contact and has appeared on such shows as CTV’s ProvinceWide and CBC Radio’s The Business Network. Her fresh approach to the often-confusing world of investing empowers listeners to take control of their money and sets them on the path to investing success!

Gail welcomes readers’ questions by e-mail to

Jennifer Schramm
Life Coach

As a Life Coach and Personal Development Facilitator, Jennifer’s mission and passion is teaching, supporting, and inspiring others to live an authentic life full of love, passion, joy, and abundance.

Jennifer began her career working in the corporate sector as a Recruitment Consultant in Toronto and London, England. She also spent time traveling across Western Canada providing training for a large investment firm.

In 2005, Jennifer decided to change her focus and shortly after established a business called “Real Wellness.” Services include individual and group coaching sessions and transformational workshops. Jennifer specializes in working with people with eating disorders, weight related issues, body image and self-esteem.

In addition, Jennifer developed an 8 week process called “Getting to Know Yourself Inside and Out”. The program focuses on creating more awareness and loving and exploring oneself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Adrienne Korzack
Manager, Business Development, ReserveAmerica

Adrienne Korzack earned her MBA, graduating at the top of her class, from Suffolk University in Boston Massachusetts in 2007. After graduation, she moved back home to her native Toronto and worked for a major bank then a major retailer, in financial marketing then corporate strategy. Building off her previous experiences, Adrienne joined the marketing team for North America’s leading campsite, outdoor recreation, and reservation portal, as Manager, Business Development. With fresh eyes, and endless enthusiasm, Adrienne joins the team, in hopes of relating to readers with the challenges she faces as she embarks on her career, through humour, real examples, and HEART.

Nicole Laider
Freelance Writer

Nicole Laidler is a London, Ontario based freelance writer. Since graduating from the University of Western Ontario’s journalism program in 2004, she has produced stories on everything from the stock market to the video gaming industry. As a former classical musician and the mother of a busy three-year-old, she has a special interest in the arts and the unique challenges faced by working mothers. Nicole is a regular contributor to several arts, lifestyle and business magazines and also writes press releases, newsletters, advertorials and web content for a growing list of corporate and not-for-profit clients. A member of the Professional Writer’s Association of Canada, she can be contacted at

Chelsea Phelps and Kristie Pearce

Chelsea and Kristie are currently in their second and final year in the Photography program at Fanshawe College.

They are excited to announce the launch of their new business,

You can contact them at

Beverly Barnes
Canadian Certified Martha Beck Life Coach and Career Counsellor

Through workshops, retreats, and telephone coaching, she teaches her clients how to re-invent their lives, resolve their career angst, and align their life and work to their “true” self. For more information visit her website at

Judy Bradt
Author and expert consultant

Judy Bradt, author of The Smart
Woman’s Guide to Government
Contracts, is Principal of Summit Insight
LLC (; blog at in Washington,
DC. As an author and expert consultant,
she offers her clients business strategies
for government contracts made easier.

Anna Gordon
Resume diva, life enthusiast and champion of fresh ideas

Anna Gordon is a self-proclaimed resume diva, life enthusiast and champion of fresh ideas. As both a mom and business owner, she understands first-hand the desire for women to have a work-life balance. You can often find her “working out loud” while her son naps. Visit for more information.

Nancy McHardy
Chartered Insurance Professional

Nancy McHardy is a W.E.T.T. certified Chartered Insurance Professional who does residential home inspections for Canadian Underwriting Services Ltd. She has developed her own self-awareness and focus through attending E.A.P.D. workshops and Horsemanship clinics, and is a Chris Irwin certified trainer.


Maria Gonzalez
President and Founder of Argonauta Strategic Alliances Consulting Inc.

Maria Gonzalez is President and Founder of
Argonauta Strategic Alliances Consulting Inc.,
founded in 2001. She has practiced Mindfulness
Meditation for over 17 years and now teaches
her own classes in Toronto, ON.
If you would like more information on Mindfulness
Meditation visit
You can also contact Maria Gonzalez at

Nick Arrizza
Life, Executive, Organizational and Spiritual Tele-coach

Nick Arrizza MD is a Life, Executive, Organizational and Spiritual Tele-coach. He is the developer of the powerful Mind Resonance Process® (MRP) and is a sought after Speaker and Trainer in this coaching modality.

Sandra Ramacher

Sandra Ramacher is the author of Healing Foods – Cooking for Celiacs, Colitis, Crohn’s and IBS. In September last year she began her new project ‘The World’s Best Yoga Centers’ by travelling throughout the world and reporting via her blog on her experiences. The stunning images she shares with her on-line readers are to be collected into a coffee-table book to be released mid 2011.

Darcey-Lynn Marc

Darcey-Lynn Marc brings over 29 years of experience in leadership and organizational development to her consultation services and sessions. Darcey-Lynn has a BSc. Specialization in Psychology and is looking forward to completing a previously started Masters in Business. She is also certified in a number of programs including Achieve International, MBTI and MBTI Step II. A member of the CMC.

Karen Woolley

Founder of Music For Moppets, a musical playgroup. A wife, mother and Christian, she walks the most inspirational path she can every day. Karen is also Judy Bradt sister!

Liz Palmer
Chairman of the PCYC Wine Committee

Liz Palmer of Toronto is one of an increasing number of women wine writers making her mark in this traditionally male-dominated field. She has found her legal education and background useful: “Besides having the passion, it takes substantive thought and knowledge, as well as exceptional organizational skills to write about wine.” Liz Palmer is also a travel writer, a wine educator, an Apprentissage Sommelier, and the Chairman of the PCYC Wine Committee. Ms Palmer is a nationally published wine and travel writer, and an International Correspondent for China Wine News. She tastes thousands of wines annually at international events. Her memberships include: Society of Wine Educators; Writers Net; Wine Writers Network; Immedia;; PWAC; International Sommelier Guild; Women in International Trade; The French Wine Society; The Center for Wine Origins; and The American Media Photographers, Inc. Liz Palmer has recently been accepted into the Circle of Wine Writers (UK). The Circle of Wine Writers is an association of authors, broadcasters, journalists, photographers and lecturers who are professionally engaged in communicating about wines and spirits. Based in London, the “Circle” has 275 international members. Most recently, Ms Palmer is in the process of writing a book entitled: “Unique Boutique Champagne Houses®” and designing a travel App entitled “Top Champagne Bars Around The World®”.

Erin Nadler

Better Styled Inc
806-150 Eglinton Avenue East,
Toronto, Ontario, M4P 1E8
T: 416-485-5100 ext 225 C: 416-616-3665

Lorna London
Writer, blogger, creative producer, and editor

She is currently Managing Editor of canfitpro Magazine and has held positions as Director of Public Relations, Marketing Consultant, and Entertainment News Editor. In 2007, she was one of the 12 finalists in Book Television’s reality series, The Next Literary Superstar, based on the international 3-Day Novel Writing Contest. She is currently working on feature screenplays, a docu-series, and an original one-hour television drama.


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